A Dad Helps His Paralyzed Daughter Walk


There isn’t much that can be said about an image like this. Words can’t do this picture justice. I can’t understand what this man must go through each day knowing he has a daughter in this situation, but together they are so much bigger than her disability.

There is no doubt there must be tough days, but having the strength to look at a situation and say as a parent, “I am going to be bigger than this, and bigger than this hand we were dealt. We’re going on a walk.” That’s inspirational.

Something as simple as a creative pair of shoes allowed a girl to walk, but more importantly increased the bond between a father and daughter and left two footprints on our hearts. Hats off to this dad for that.

For those of you who see this image and think “I NEED THAT,” here is a link to the site that creates them:


One thought on “A Dad Helps His Paralyzed Daughter Walk”

  1. I would love to order one of these for my son. My son Andy is 3 and has cerebral palsy and I am working towards getting him to walk. Please send me any information regarding this product.

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